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Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten, Grain and Soy Free!

Product Image honorbar(k)


$ 149.00

honorbar(k) was created for the hospitality industry that caters to lodging that accepts pets.  

The self contained retail rack displays two of our Garbanzo Bean Chews, Rainbow Mix Trio and Pumpkin-Banana (Vegan),  three of our Grownola® Bites, Good Grain, Holistic and Vegan, along with Good Grain, Holistic and Vegan Growlnola® Bars, individually packaged. 

honorbar(k) is intended to be placed in rooms that permanently are booked to customers with dogs, or are light enough to bring into rooms that are booked anticipating a guest with dog.

Our newly designed rack is laser engraved natural wood base with plexi/plastic backing and butterfly supports.  Footprint: approximately 20" x 20" x 10" with convertible slots, able to hold up to (18) 3.75 oz. bags only of our  Rainbow Mix Trio, Pumpkin-Banana Vegan Chews, any of the Growlnola® Bites, or 15-30 each of our single wrapped Growlnola® Bars, with 12-15 bags.    Priced as shown with 15 bags and 15 bars.

Please direct all questions regarding commercial/ wholesale accounts to alex@smartalexproducts.com

Ask us about custom engraving with your hotel's name prominently displayed also!